At You And Your Pet we understand how frustrating it can be when you’re experiencing a problem with your pet’s behaviour or training. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to keep a positive relationship with our pet.

Lack of training and/or guidance from a pet owner can lead to a long list of behavioural problems such as aggression, separation problems, attention seeking behaviour as well as nuisance training issues like begging, pulling on the lead an poor recall.

With help, guidance and support from Shelley, she will work with you to resolve any behaviour or training issues you are experiencing with your pet, whilst bringing the bond closer between you and your pet.

Behaviour Consultation

For dogs and cats who have a behaviour problem. Our pet’s behaviour can be challenging at the best of times. This is why it is so important to take …

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Reactive Dog Classes

For dogs which bark, growl and lunge at other dogs. Reactive dog classes are a weekly training class set over four weeks. Dog start and progress toget…

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Puppy Foundation Classes

For puppies between 12 and 20 weeks old. Puppy Foundation classes are a weekly training class set over 7 weeks. Puppies start and progress together th…

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Junior Training Classes

For dogs up to a year old, who have completed a Puppy Class. Junior School is a weekly training class set over 6 weeks. Junior dogs start and progress…

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Beginners Training Classes

For dogs over 20 weeks old. Beginners Training is a weekly training class set over 5 weeks. Dogs start, and progress, together throughout the 5 week…

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Our happy You and Your Pet customers

At You and Your Pet we have dozens of happy customers who can't believe the improvement in their pet after our sessions. You can see just a few of them below...
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